Discord Walkthrough

Welcome to the MechaTrade Family!

As you may already be able to tell, MechaTrade is much more than just a set of TradingView indicators. We genuinely care about all of our users, and we want to provide as much support as possible through our feature packed Discord server. Within our server, we provide the highest quality analyst signals, live options flow, 24/7 news alerts, support for all members, and much more to come!

If you have not bound your key already or purchased any membership plans when you first join our server, you will be stuck within the lobby. This is NOT what the inside of our server looks like, and it merely exists as a waiting room for members to see what our product is like before joining.

Below you will find an in depth walk through of what the inside of our server is like!

The first thing you will likely notice is the new Member Lounge section, this is the general chatting area for paid members, and it is exclusive to paid members ONLY. This means that anyone in the lobby will not be able to see the channel.

The next section is our Analyst Signals tab, here you will be able to get your signal roles, and view alerts from our multiple analysts. By selecting the roles you want, you will get pinged whenever they post a play, that way you never miss out!

Next you will notice our Options Flow section. Options Flow is an extremely useful tool that we provide to our members, and we have a more in depth guide related to that within our Discord.

The last important section is our News Alerts section. Here you will find 24/7 live news alerts involving earnings reports, analyst upgrades, IPO information, and much more!

The remaining sections are Support Ticket & Requests and Feedback, these channels are not very important, but they are useful incase you are ever in need of support. The Requests and Feedback channel is used to provide input on our indicators or our server, and request any features you would like to see implemented as well.

That's all! Feel free to begin reading about MechaAlgo and MechaOscillator next, or head over to our website and sign up today!

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