Signal Modes

Safe, Standard, and Scalper

The buy and sell signals provided by MechaAlgo consists of 3 modes which are known as Safe, Standard, and Scalper. We highly recommend experimenting with all 3 modes throughout different time frames and charts and see what works best for your trading style!


Safe mode attempts to prioritize safe trades and hold you through trades the longest, all while using a minimal amount of alerts. This often times leads to larger gains during big moves and less signals during consolidation, but the downside is that the signals may not always be placed perfectly at tops and bottoms.

Below you will find an example of Safe mode being used on a chart.


Standard mode attempts to perfectly blend Safe mode and Scalper mode, giving you the best of both worlds. With Standard mode you will find more alerts than Safe mode, but much less than Scalper mode. You will also realize that it picks up tops and bottoms more accurately than Safe mode.


Scalper mode has the most alerts out of all of our modes, which comes with its pros and its cons. The benefit of Scalper mode is the fact that it picks up the most movements, both large and small. While this may come as a benefit to many, this style of trading may not work for everyone.


You can pick out your preferred signal mode at any time through the MechaAlgo settings menu. You can also turn the signals on or off in this menu.

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