Informational Dashboard

The Origami Oscillator Dashboard is filled with important information that enables any trader to understand the market on a deeper level in a concise manner. The current features our dashboard offers are as follows:

  • Last Signal

  • Market State

  • Trend Strength

  • Short Trend Direction

  • Long Trend Direction

  • Last Divergence Type & Bar Count

These features will broken down in order, that way you can understand what each one does and how you can use it to benefit your trading.


Not much to say here, the last signal posted on the top right indicates the last signal produced by the oscillator, if it is a regular buy or strong buy it will display Buy 📈 and if it is a sell it will display Sell 📉


The Market State aspect of the Origami Oscillator dashboard is based off the direction of the WaveTrend. If the WaveTrend is in an uptrend, it will display Increasing 📈 and if it is in a downtrend it will display Decreasing 📉.


The Trend Strength has 3 possible readings, Weak, Strong, and Extreme. These readings apply to both bullish and bearish trends. You should likely stay away from entering positions when the dashboard has a Weak reading, as the trend likely won't last, and there will not be much profit to be made, if any at all, by trading during the current trend.


The Short Trend and Long Trend readings are based off the Trend Areas covered previously in this documentation. The two possible readings are Bullish 🟢 and Bearish 🔴 depending on the individual directions of the Short Trend and Long Trend. This is useful in case you want to turn both of those off visually, but still be able to get the readings from the dashboard.


The Divergence reading on the dashboard is based off the last divergence that occurred on whatever chart you are viewing. It also has a bar count so you know how far back the last divergence occurred. The two possible readings are Bullish 🟢 and Bearish 🔴 depending on what type of divergence last occurred.


The Origami Oscillator Dashboard can be customized in a few ways. You can turn it on or off, change its color, change the text color, change its opacity, and choose how far away you want it to be from the current bar. These settings can be found at the bottom of the Origami Oscillator settings menu.

Below you will find an example image of a customized dashboard.

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