Auto Trendlines

Automatically Plot Accurate Trendlines

Trendlines are a very important part of technical analysis as they allow the trader to identify which direction the market is likely heading next. Auto Trendlines does this work for you, and allows you to customize the lines to your liking.

Red lines indicate bearish trends, while green lines indicate bullish trends.

Below is an example of what Auto Trendlines look like when activated.


Auto Trendlines settings can be customized through the Origami Algo settings menu. Here you can turn the lines on or off, choose whether they draw from the wick or body of the candles, choose whether it shows the entire trendline history or not, alter the sensitivity, and alter the angle. Higher sensitivity leads to less lines, while lower sensitivity leads to more lines. Angle sensitivity alters bullish and bearish trendlines differently. A lower number makes bearish trendlines aim higher, while bullish trendlines aim lower. The opposite occurs when you make the angle sensitivity higher.

Below you will see what it looks like when "Show Trendline History?" is on. (Yes we know its messy but some people enjoy seeing the full history.)

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