Breakout Signals (EXPERIMENTAL)

Identify Bullish & Bearish Breakouts in Advance

Our Breakout Signals feature is an experimental yet useful feature that often times predicts massive breakouts before they occur. Due to the experimental nature of this feature, you should not rely on it 100% of the time, but you will find that by "confirming" the signal with other indicators, it becomes fairly accurate. A good thing to think about is whether the candlesticks are consolidating at the time of the alert, and what the short / long trends on the oscillator are displaying. The breakout / breakdown signals tend to work best when the market is in a state of consolidation, and when the other indicators act as proper confirmation.

Below you will see two examples displaying a successful breakout and breakdown signal.

This AAPL chart was a safe play for a few reasons, the first being that the short trend was relatively strong and bullish. On top of this, we see that the market had just taken a dip, but recovered after the strong buy signal went off. This led to a short period of consolidation where the breakout signal went off and successfully lead to a large breakout.

This BTCUSD chart was also a safe play, for essentially the same reasons as the last chart. We see that the last signal prior to the breakdown signal was a standard oscillator sell signal. We also see that the short trend was in a relatively strong bearish state, and it remained there for a few candles before the breakdown really began. There was also consolidation occurring when the signal went off, which is always a good sign.

You can turn the signals on or off, and also choose to show only Bullish or Bearish signals within the Origami Oscillator settings menu.

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