Setting Up The Indicators

Adding the Indicator on TradingView
Once you have been granted access on TradingView, the first thing you will notice is the bell icon on the bottom right of the screen will display 2 notifications. You will also likely receive an email from TradingView that MechaTrade has shared two scripts with you.
TradingView Notifications Bell
Click on the bell and you should see a panel that looks like this.
MechaTrade Script Access Granted
As long as you see this, you can be sure that you now have access!
The next step is to open a chart on TradingView. To do this, you must enter a ticker into the top search bar on the home page displayed below.
TradingView Chart Search Bar
Once you have pulled up a chart, it will look like this.
SPY 1 Minute chart
The next step is to click the "Indicators" button at the top, and then click on "Invite-only Scripts" on the bottom left of the panel.
Indicators Button
Invite-only Scripts Button
You will then be shown a panel with all your invite only scripts.
Invite-only Scripts Panel
The final step is to click both indicators in order to add them to your chart.
Welcome to Origami Algo!
Congratulations! You are now an official MechaTrade user. We hope you enjoy our product and Discord server as much as we enjoyed making it for you.
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