Informational Dashboard

The Origami Algo Dashboard is filled with important information that enables any trader to understand the market on a deeper level in a concise manner. The current features our dashboard offers are as follows:

  • Volatility %

  • Volume

  • RSI

  • Current Sentiment

  • Market Control

  • Puts or Calls?

  • Trend Panel (Experimental Feature)

These features will broken down in order, that way you can understand what each one does and how you can use it to benefit your trading.


Volatility typically is used to measure dispersion within the current security you are viewing. Our volatility is displayed as a percent that may range between 0% to 100% and can be seen on the dashboard. When volatility is high, it is usually an indicator that the security is riskier to invest in, as its potential to make large moves up or down is higher. When volatility is low, a security is seen as a safer investment because it is not expected to make large moves up or down. This is very important to take into account when making any trades. Volatility can be viewed on any chart including stocks, cryptocurrencies, index funds, and any other charts provided by TradingView.


The volume provided by our dashboard is a reflection of the volume contained in the current bar. Volume can be used for many reasons, most importantly to confirm trends or to identify reversals. If a security is moving upwards with increasing volume, you can use this as confirmation that it is in a bullish trend. The same applies when the security is moving downwards with large volume, except in this case you would be seeing a bearish trend forming. As for identifying reversals, if a security is in a range (consolidation) but still has large volume, you can be ready for a likely break out to occur soon in either a bullish or bearish direction.


The RSI integer displayed within our dashboard is based off the Relative Strength Index which is used to measure the magnitude of recent price movements along with identifying overbought and oversold zones on any chart. A security is thought to be oversold when it is below 30, and overbought when it is above 70. Oversold is typically thought to be a good entry level, while overbought usually means it is a good place to exit. This can be used as confirmation when you are considering entering or exiting a position.


The Origami Algo dashboard is capable of making an estimate on the current sentiment of any security regardless of the timeframe. It does this by taking in inputs from numerous inputs, and then deciding if the sentiment is bullish, bearish, or flat. Bullish sentiment means the security you are looking at is likely moving up, while bearish sentiment means it is moving down. A reading that says flat would indicate that the security is ranging and has not found a direction in which it wants to move yet. This aspect of our dashboard is very useful for deciding whether you should enter a long or short position.

The 3 possible readings from the Current Sentiment feature appear as follows:

Bullish 🟢 Flat 😐 Bearish 🔴


Market Control is displayed on the dashboard and can give a reading that is either bullish or bearish along with a percent. The percent can range between 0% - 100% and allows you to understand how heavily bulls or bears control the current candle. If the candle is green, you will see a bullish reading with a % next to it rating its strength, while a red candle would give a bearish reading with a % next to it as well.


Our Puts or Calls? feature was designed for options traders in order to give them a better idea of what type of position they should be in. Origami Algo takes in a few inputs from numerous indicators and then decides if it is safer to be in puts or calls on the current chart regardless of timeframe. This feature can be very beneficial to options traders who may be confused on the type of position they should be in, but please keep in mind that it is only an estimate.


The Trend Panel is an experimental feature that gives a reading on the markets current direction on the 1M, 5M, 15M, 30M, 1H, 2H, 4H, Weekly, Monthly, and Daily timeframes of any security all at once. A reading of 📈 indicates that this security is moving up on that timeframe, while a reading of 📉 means that the security is moving down on that timeframe. The reason this feature is experimental is because the functions used to create it do not always function properly. To get the most accurate reading, we recommend using the 1 Minute timeframe on the security you are viewing, and taking note of what the readings are. The 1 Minute timeframe will always give the most accurate reading, but due to the experimental nature of this feature, we do not recommend fully relying on it at all times.


The Origami Algo Dashboard can be customized in a few ways. You can turn it on or off, change its color, change the text color, change its opacity, and choose how far away you want it to be from the current bar. These settings can be found at the bottom of the Origami Algo settings menu.

Below you will find an example image of a customized dashboard.

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